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Discover a better night’s sleep with Encore®.

Every Encore® mattress is made with premium materials handcrafted to deliver whole-body, all-night comfort and support. Choose from a variety of exceptional feels for a better night’s sleep.

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Encore Collection Bedding

Discover whole-body comfort with long-lasting support.

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Encore Signature Collection Bedding

Additional layers provide a wider range of feels for every type of sleeper.

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Encore Reserve Collection Bedding

Our most premium materials create a mattress that provides all-night comfort and support.

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Welcome To Encore®

Welcome to the World of Encore®

Thanks to the high-quality, handcrafted construction of each mattress, Encore® is where sleep takes center stage.

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Proudly Assembled in the USA

We take great pride in crafting every Encore®, Encore Signature®, and Encore Reserve® mattress right here in America, using only premium materials in world-class manufacturing facilities.